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Natural Tape Ins

Natural Tape-Ins are a discreet, semi-permanent support to your natural waves.  Our 20-piece, 100% Brazilian natural hair packs are professionally applied for 6-9 months of look-altering, superior-quality confidence. Double-drawn for extra volume, they can be treated the same as your own hair, including colouring, curling, straightening and blow-drying.

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Product Description

20 piece

100% Brazilian hair

Double Drawn


16 inch 30 grams

Available in these colours:

Platinum 613, dark brown 2, ash brown 6

20 inch 50 grams

Available in these colours:

Platinum 613, golden blonde 22, highlighted blonde 22/613, rose blonde 18, ash brown 6, dark brown 2, black 1, medium brown 4

24 inch 70 grams

Available in these colours:

Black 1, natural black 1b, dark brown 2, golden brown 4, ash brown 6, blonde brown 18, golden blonde 22, platinum platinum blonde 613

After Care Maintance

Our comprehensive hair care and maintenance instructions include the following:

  • Washing hair extensions
  • Drying hair extensions
  • Brushing hair extensions
  • Sleeping with hair extensions
  • Colouring hair extensions
  • Cutting hair extensions
  • Swimming
  • Tape hair extension removal
  • Reasons for shedding/tape sticky/tapes fall out

Please contact us and we will gladly send you a copy of our hair care instructions. If you are purchasing hair extensions from us, do let us know if we can include a copy of the instructions in your package.

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